Friday, February 6, 2009

Roy's Electric Guitar, Chapter 3

After I joined, planed and glued up the mahogany body wood I traced my templet onto it and cut it out. Roy would like a f-hole put into the upper bout (see his design from previous blog) so I have chambered out the body first using a drill press (see picture) and then using a router with pictured jig I made for this purpose. You can see the finished sound chambers in the second photo.

The walnut "drop-top," which is a thin piece of wood (about 3/8 in. thick) will go on top of the body. It was successfully cut yesterday. I say successful because you can loose a lot of wood during the re-sawing process. This piece of walnut is amazing! The figure in the this piece swirls, moves and has a lot of character. It is so nice that I have made the decision not put laminates through the body as on Roy's drawing, but instead will bind the f-hole and body in maple to achieve some contrast. I will not post pictures of the walnut top because I want it to be a surprise. I am really happy with it!

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