Thursday, April 17, 2014

What is your business’ biggest challenge?

What is your business’ biggest challenge? Marshwood Guitars, is really an “on the side” business. I spend forty hours a week working for a county park system and therefore only dedicate a hand full of hours a week to the craft. I have six total clients that I have built guitars for, over six years that’s about one per year. Of course I build prototypes and have a few on hand. All told I have built a total of twelve guitars. So here in lies the biggest challenge. How to make it a full time business? Can it even be a full time business? Realistically, not many folks are buying guitars from small builders. And that’s ok. There are people out there looking for something different, and I can hopefully help them turn their ideas into something unique and beautiful. From the building aspect, applying finish is the most challenging step for me as a builder. Getting colors and tones just right and the lacquer level and smooth is surprising challenging. Sometimes you have to sand it all down and start over and the entire process can take up to two months (for curing time). But when it comes out right it is worth all the hassle.

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