Thursday, April 17, 2014

How did you get involved in guitar building?

Most guitar players and enthusiasts envision creating an instrument at some point, but most do not because the task seems impossible. When you hold an amazing instrument it seems like it was built in space then beamed down to your favorite store. That is how I felt, anyway. After many years of playing and tinkering, I was able to get started. I attended a two month guitar building course in 1999, after graduating from college. There I built an archtop jazz guitar and it helped me to realize it could be done. However, it was not until 2006, when I moved to Colorado that I really got into it. I became involved as a student and teacher assistant at Red Rocks Community College Department of Fine Woodworking. There I was able to create, study and trade ideas with a very talented pool of guitar builders, woodworkers and artists. I am still involved with the school today. And this is how I became involved in guitar building.

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