Saturday, September 25, 2010

From Sketch To Reality

Been working a lot on The Rufus this week. Dressed the frets and put in the electronics. Just a few things to tight up and she is done. When building a guitar from a sketch like this the challenges run high. This has been one of the most complex designs to bring into fruition but has also been rewarding. Hopefully, Dr. Rufus will like it.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Rufus, Truss Rod Cover Plate

The truss rod is made of steel and runs the length of the neck. Its purpose is to allow some adjustability of the neck action. One can adjust the neck tension with an allen wrench at the headstock. This hole in the headstock must be covered with a plate. This one is made of ebony and has been routed to say, "Dr. Rehfuss," the future owner of this guitar. Silver has been filed down to fill the letter cavities. Then, with the glue dried sanded off and shaped into the truss rod cover. These shots show the process:

The Rufus, Tailpiece

After designing and building a prototype tailpiece for the Rufus (which did not work) I made some changes and began again. This one is going to be both light and strong. A jig was taped to a piece of mahogany and was then cut out. I drilled holes for the future strings. To give it a matching look with the headstock, bridge, etc. a veneer of ebony was then glued to the top. Once dried the ebony was cut away leaving the rough bridge. The next step will be to shape to thickness and add some brass which will ground the strings to the endpin jack.