Thursday, December 10, 2009

Roy's Guitar, Truss Rod Cover

I wanted to use Roy's actual signature but not being able to find a product called "gold write" I had to try something else. Gold Write, a product no longer made, was a small piece of paper with one side coated in gold. It allowed one to sign and transfer his/her signature onto a medium. But I have used something with results which will turn out great.
The steps: a. choose a font which could I route with a very find routing bit.
b. printed out R. Ponce and glued it to a piece of rosewood
c. routed the letters away leaving an imprint in the wood
d. filled the imprint with silver dust, which I filed off a silver letter removed from an old belt (bought at Goodwill)
e. dropped super glue over the letters (picture)

Next step will be to sand off the glue and shape the truss rod cover.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Rufus, Neck Shaping

Using a rasp the once square neck has now become rounded. More to come.