Monday, April 27, 2009

Marshwood Guitars makes it on the front page!

Thanks to the staff of Golden Transcript for spending a rainy afternoon talking to me about Marshwood Guitars. You can see the article at:

Just a couple corrections: 1.) I actually made my first guitar (an archtop guitar) at a luthiery school in 2000. A two month intensive course. 2.) I don't remember saying the word "worthless" in reference to an instrument with set-up issues, seems too harsh to me, in guitar making there are no mistakes only repairs. 3.) I also wanted to mention that Roy Ponce is a professional guitarist for the band Brainchild. 4.) To put it in prospective my favorite guitar is a 1985 Ibanez Artist AS-200, for those of you who know what that means, it is a good goal to create something better.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Carving The Rufus

Carving can take time. I wish I could carve at the speed of this film. It is, however, one of the more rewarding tasks in guitar building. Watch those shavings build up! After I was finished rough carving a sander was used to knock it smooth. I will then go back with scrapers to even out problem areas.

Recording with a Marshwood

Here I am at the computer recording the guitar parts for the film, Carving the Rufus.

The Carving Process

For the past couple weeks I have been carving Roy's top and both sides of The Rufus. Using the Wagner Safety Plane on the drill press I roughed carved the top leaving what looks like stair stepping (picture). Once completed it is time for the small hand planes. The carving process can take some time. Especially in the case of Roy's guitar, the figured walnut is very hard.