Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Concert Ukulele Construction Project

Finished Ukulele

Concert Ukulele Construction Project

The Neck


Concert Ukulele Construction Project

Finishing Touches

This ukulele will be auctioned next year at a school fundraiser, so the appropriate logo was inlayed into the headstock (the school's fox). I filled the routing gaps with epoxy mixed with rosewood dust then pore filled the entire headstock with the same epoxy. This hides any routing mistakes I may have made.

For the body, after fitting the bridge to the top it was time to pore fill the walnut, sand everything and get some finish on it. I went with a simple can of polyurethane.  

Monday, March 4, 2019

Belt Buckle

Created another belt buckle. This features Macassar Ebony (I think), maple binding, aluminum and black epoxy. The inlay is a logo of a school and will be auctioned off at a fundraiser. I finished it with Tru Oil. Applying light layers, building it up, then leveling with 0000 steel wool, and then applying more.